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Our Famous Spit Shine


Clean shoe with Angelus Saddle Soapor with Angelus Dry Cleaning fluid if necessary. Dry Cleaner will remove white scuff and black scuffs. Be careful not to rub finish off of the shoe. TEST OUT GENTLY!


Rub Angelus Neutral Lustre Cream all over shoes. The thorough cream treatment is the key to a good shoeshine because it fills the pores in the leather, so rub very well.


Use a small amount of “colored” Lustre Cream. Match shoe color or use a lighter shade or neutral. Be careful of tans and browns because creams dry darker and will build up, so use sparingly (unless the shoe is very dry and damaged). Angelus Leather Dye can also be used at this point if there is severe color loss and scuffing.


Use a small amount of Angelus Edge Dye to the supplied wool dauber. Dab off excess on rag or paper towel so that you don’t drip all over and get any on leather part of the shoe. Carefully apply dye to edge of the shoe. Wipe off leather part of shoe and gently wipe of excess on edges so no residue for buff brushes. Cards can be used very carefully here to prevent dye from getting on the different color leathers. Be sure to dye completely around the heel.


Buff with appropriate brushes. Black brushes for black and blue leathers. Cordovan brushes for cordovan red, brown, and some tan leathers – white bristle brushes on neutral and white leathers only. When buffing light colors, use a gentle buffing motion to avoid removing polish completely. Wipe off excess in cracks and bends and grooves before buffing so as not to get on brushes.


Apply wax thoroughly. Pat wax on fingers and smooth on shoes, then buff with brushes. Repeat this process several times – approximately three coats, until shiny. On the second coat you can use a match to heat wax across the toe area – BE CAREFUL – use only on dark shoes only because it melts the oil into the leather. After melting, pat of small amounts of polish over the melted area to smooth in. Then finish buffing with brushes. Be careful not to touch matches on shoes as it will leave a mark. Use a spit shine rag here after the second coat of wax. Apply a light coat of wax (third coat) but do not brush. Put additional polish on a damp spit shine rag and rub and rub all over the shoe in a circular motion until a glassy finish appears. This is difficult and takes much practice.


Buff with a cloth/rag. Spray lightly with water and wipe off excess. Snap rag on shoes a few times then buff relatively gently. Be careful not to wrinkle rag as it will remove polish.


Use a clean nylon stocking in a quick buffing motion so to create friction but not as hard as to remove the polish. Be careful to use a good smooth nylon stocking on really shiny shoes because little nubs on old stockings will show on the smooth finish. Nylons are a cure-all. They can be used in between polishes for touch-ups and make the shoe shines really last.

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