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What We Do


Executive Shine® provides the very best shoeshine experience at Denver International Airport (DIA) and Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (CLT).  We strive to develop professional relationships with our clientele though personal service and exceptional results.  We call this Soul to Sole® shoe shining services – more than just a shoe shine. With our shoe shine services It’s All About the Love® we enjoy sharing our lives and laughter with our clientele.  Generously sized, comfortable chairs with individual armrests, back cushions, and optional massage units are available at all Executive Shine® locations. Please visit us and let us show you how It’s All About The Love® with our shoe shining services next time you are in Denver or Charlotte for travel.

Soul to Sole®
Shoe Shining

Where We Are

With multiple locations in Denver International Airport (DIA) and Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (CLT), we are sure to be convenient to your departure or arrival.  Our professionals are ready to serve you throughout the day, 7 days a week.  No appointment necessary, though you may feel free to contact us if you have a special circumstance that needs attention.

Denver International Airport

8500 Peña Boulevard, Denver, CO 80249-6340

For general airport information, call 303.342.2000 or email


Concourse A – Two Locations: East and West sides of the center core near the escalators and internet kiosks.

Concourse B – Two Locations: Near Gate #38, East of the center core near the escalators and internet kiosks and near Gate #37, West of the center core near the escalators and internet kiosks.

Concourse C – Near Gate #43, East of the center core across from the “Body Shop”.

Charlotte-Douglas International Airport

5501 Josh Birmingham Parkway, Charlotte, NC 28208

For general airport information, phone 704.359.4910 or email


Concourse A – Located next to “Chili’s To Go” counter and across the hall from Starbucks.  Close to the “B” security check point.

D/E Connector – Located directly inside the “D” security check point.

E Concourse – Located on the left side of the Whiskey River Restaurant

Who We Are


Executive Shine® is owned and operated by Jill Wright.  Her teams at Denver International Airport and Charlotte-Douglas International Airport are diverse groups with varied backgrounds and interests.  By treating her teams well and always putting Love first in every interaction, she has some of the most loyal and dedicated professionals in the world working for her. Coming Soon – personal information about Jill and some of the team members at each location.

Shoeshine Services
Powered By Love®

Why We Do It


Our mission is to provide shoeshine service that is Powered by Love® – setting the quality standard for the industry as professionals serving professionals. We strive to provide value, excitement, and most importantly, love, through caring personal service, creating an environment where the customer is the center of every element of our work. By implementing this level of service we will maintain our reputation of “best shoeshine in the world.”


 Executive Shine in the News


For A Craftsman, Shining Shoes Offers Ties To Home

nprTravelers who stop for a shoeshine at Getnet Marsha’s booth at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport are in for a quality shoeshine — and an interesting story. Marsha came to the U.S. as a political refugee 20 years ago, but he continues to find ways to make a difference back home.

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by WFAE, Charlotte

Getnet Marsha shines shoes at Charlotte Douglas International airport. He grew up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and came to the U.S. in 1992 as a refugee.

Man who fled Ethiopia barefoot offers shoe shines, inspiration

Getnet Marsha walked 555 miles in his bare feet when he fled Ethiopia at 14. So there’s a certain irony in how he makes his living.

To frequent fliers at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, he is the shoeshine man, known by his nickname Getu (pronounced Gay-Too).

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What You Can Learn From How The Best Shoeshine Organization Anywhere Does Wright Things Right

Reviewers say Jill Wright and her team at Executive Shine have created the “best,” “most amazing,” “awesome” shoeshine experience anywhere. She’s built this over three decades with an organization that delivers superior results, connects human-to-human and makes the entire experience enjoyable for all.

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Great Service with a Shoe Shine

When I travel through the Charlotte, NC (USA) airport, I frequently get my shoes shined at Executive Shine.  I always get a great shine and the people working there are friendly and courteous—even when things are a bit harried.  Until this week, I never knew much about the people behind the operation at the Charlotte airport.

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Reflections on an excellent airport shoe shine


I travel frequently for work, and I’m pretty hard on my shoes. To help them last a little longer, I frequent airport shoe shines. Even if you’re not a jet setter, you’ve probably seen them. Businessmen sit on pedestals while a flurry of polish and rags brings tired leather back to life. 

When I sat down at Executive Shine, I said, “Hello,” and the shoeshiner went to work. Her nametag read, “Yordanos.”


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